Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Summer

This summer is going by way too fast!!! We just got back from a short family vacation that I will tell more about later. This is just to let you know I am here and getting out on my motorcycle lots!!! Too busy to get much blogging in right now. Real quick, for our vacation my husband and I drove our motorcycles and my eldest son drove his dad's SUV (added correction 7/24) with his brother as the passenger, lol. We all actually had a lot of fun. We got to see a lot in the short days we were gone. Above is some of the beautiful scenery we got to see.

Above is more of the awesome scenery we drove in and a hint as to where we were driving. I logged in 471 miles on my motorcycle when it was all said and done.

Wishing you lots of summer adventures, Betty :)


Gymi said...

That sign is getting quite popular.
I need to take a break and get some recreational riding in. Been too busy lately,all the riding I'm getting in is just commuting and running around town. At least the commute and errands are better when you're on a bike. Looks like you guys had a good time on your vacation.

Mustang said...

wow.. riding out as a family must be so much sure you are having a great time..

Ride safe always


Dawn said...

Wow how cool to ride as a family. I love the pics of the moutains and wow snow tops!!! How cool:)

Biker Betty said...

CORRECTION!!!! I just realized an important word got let out and Blogger Dashboard won't let me in at the moment to correct it.

"My eldest son was driving his dad's SUV truck" and not a motorcycle. I had "SUV" in there and I must have accidently deleted it when making corrections. Sorry for the confusion. After the vacation he does now want to learn to ride a motorcycle. If he does continue the interest my husband is enrolling him in the MSF Beginners Course.

Hi Gymi, It was a fun vacation. It was quick though. This week we are doing some day trips while my husband still has a week on his vacation.

Hi Hustang, Sorry about the confustion of my eldest son. He drove his dad's SUV, as I explained above. The boys got such a kick out of following their dad and mom on our motorcycles. The youngest did ride on the back of my husband's bike on a few of the mountain passes. He has a helmet and leather jacket to wear.

Hi Dawn, Sorry to you too about the confusion of my eldest son actually driving a SUV. He now wants to learn to ride, though. Our youngest has definitely expressed an interest in learning to ride. It was a fun, quick vacation. This week we are going to try and get at least one day trip in while my husband is on his last week. Our dog has a heart problem and we didn't want to kennel him, it stresses him too much, and we couldn't find someone but for a few days to watch him. Sometimes these things happen and we love our dog. We are still having lots of fun.

Thanks all and Wishing You Summer Adventures, Betty :)

Biker Betty said...

Sorry Mustang, I didn't mean to misspell your name. I'm just not winning this week!!

Christine said...

LOL...sounds fun!!! Post more pics!! Hated to hear you rode in the rain, but I'm glad both your kids have an interest in motorcycling...that's really great!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Christine, Yes, that's where I was, lol. It is neat that both my sons have an interest. Some day we might all be on motorcycles.

Christine has obviously read my Yahoo 360 blog. I did a brief summary of our trip there. The link to it is on my sidebar "Betty's Other Blog." We hit a lot of rain getting up there. But we had fun riding in the rain.

Once I finish posting about the ride Christine & I did together I will tell all about the trip. It was definitely unique!!

Betty :)

Catez said...

Awesome. It's winter where I am so.. oh heck I'll admit it - I'm a teeny bit jealous now. Good for you guys - it looks like you are having a fantastic summer.