Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring Riding Season Starts

Whew, I've passed my two college courses this last semester with "A's" and I'm already enrolled for the fall with two more computer classes that I can't wait to start. Four classes down (all A's so far) and a cazillion to go, lol. In the fall I will be taking "Complete Web Authoring: HTML" on campus. I'm hoping to learn new tricks to use with this web page. I will also be taking "Intro to Operating Systems" as an on-line class. Both classes should be very interesting.

The Mountain Shadow Riders is starting to gear up for the riding season. We had an open house at Apex Sports a couple of weekends ago and boy was that fun. I worked all day and time flew by. It was a lot of laughs and fun.

Last Sunday my husband and I participated in the Colorado Springs Sport Touring Club poker run that raised money for Colorado Springs Search and Rescue. We have done this run for three years now and it's always fun. Every year we have managed to win a door prize. This year I won a T-Shirt from Tiger Law (a very cool looking T-Shirt that was way too big for me, but not my husband) and a gift certificate for pizza, yummy :)

My husband surprised me with looking into buying me a Yamaha 2009 V-Star 950 Tourer that is a new model this year. That is a gorgeous bike. Ever since I read the write up in Rider magazine, I have been dreaming about this bike. My husband was sick and tired of me drooling over it, instead of drooling over him, lol. We went to Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza and I went for a test ride on one the color Raven. I will be taking a few long trips this summer and we were looking for an upgrade from my V-Star 650.

The 950 rode like a dream and it was the perfect height. I loved it!!! but it turned out to be too heavy. I was soooooo disappointed and bummed beyond belief. With the slightest incline, my 5ft 1-1/2" height could barely move it. After many attempts I can eventually move it, but this was a slight incline. What would I do with more? I have no problem getting my 650 moved in this same situation. Sadly, I had to turn away from that gorgeous bike. I was in 7th heaven riding down the road on the test ride. For those of you who can move this motorcycle(which is just about everyone in the world), I highly recommend it. It has a LOT of very cool features.

I also looked at the Boulevard C50T, but it was a bit too heavy for me, too and a bit higher then I was comfortable with. I have seen a few people buy motorcycles that didn't fit them well and they eventually quit riding and there was no way I wanted to get in that situation. These motorcycles are a big investment and before I plunked any money down, I want to be sure it is the right model fdr me. If I have any doubts, I won't get it.

Luckily, my 2002 V-Star 650 Custom is going strong and very dependable. I haven't had a lick of trouble with it. So now the plan is to upgrade what I have. The plan is to deck it out almost like a V-Star Silverado. Today we ordered floorboards to replace the pegs and a heel - toe shifter. I also have some new saddle bags on order. Also looking into a 2" riser to pull back the handlebars. On long trips I'm finding I am leaning forward on the handlebars a bit too far and it numbs my palms a bit. I need the handlebars to come towards me just a little. I will be putting the most miles on my bike this summer and I can finally gear up and get it customized the way I need it.

First step is in one and a half weeks when I take it in for it's yearly tune-up. I've got the appointment set. This summer is already heating up...even though we are having rain at the moment, lol. I only have one more week of work at the school and then we have our summer break. I'm looking forward to this as much (if not more, lol) then the kids.

Wishing you a Wonderful Summer in Your part of the World,

Biker Betty :)


Donna said...

In answer to your question, no. I've never been targeted as spam! I can't even imagine why you'd have this problem.

Biker Betty said...

I have no idea what I did, as I wrote and posted as I always do. I would be heart broken if they deleted my blog in 20 days, like they have threatened. I realize it's been about 3 months since my last post and not sure if that caused it. I sure hope I pass their review, which should be this week.

Thanks so much for your comment.
Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend,

Biker Betty :)

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Hello Betty, long time - glad you are helping out the ElPaso Search & Rescue team. We have one here in Fremont County as well. If you are ever interested in stopping by let me know. My wife built the website - go there if you get a chance.
I am looking to buy a bike next spring - - after I finish my school as well. NLM

Biker Betty said...


thanks for stopping by. SAR is such a worth while cause. The men and women who volunteer their time provide most of their own equipment, if not all. A couple of years ago, in January a group went to Boy Scout camp up at Lake George and spent the day showing Boy Scouts how they work.

Good luck with your school :)

Baron's Life said...

SPAM way..if they deleted you, I would give them a piece of my mind...and then're the sweetest rider I've ever met...I think it was just a glitch in the worries'll be

Biker Betty said...

Hi Baron,

I really appreciate your kind words. The threatening message is gone, so I'm assuming they found me to be a real person. They sent me an email the first time, but knowing them I will never get an email that I'm off the hook, for whatever reason they tagged me.

They did have me scared and I was prepared to move this blog over to another server. The last time they said I "violated" their terms, in reference to Adsense, they were heartless, mean, uncarrying and stole away my account. They gave me canned answers and were rude as hell (excuse the language). There was no recourse and I'm MAD!!! They accused me of clicking on my ads. I clicked on headlines in the Biker Blogosphere, and not sure if that's was what did it, but those were not ads. I never clicked on ads and had this account for years. They would never answer what exactly I was "supposed" to be clicking on. They stole all the money that had been accumulating.
Adsense management are bullies and thieves. That's my opinion.

Whew, that felt good - sorry to vent - but I felt for sure this was another mean act by them to be a bully and accuse falsely again.

Okay, all that will probably put me in the drink with them now, lol.

Off soapbox...

I really appreciate all my friends in the blogosphere for their support and friendship :)

Thank You,
Biker Betty :)

Baron's Life said...

All's well that ends well...ride safely

Biker Betty said...

Thanks, and you too.

"Joker" said...

Too bad about the bigger bike being too heavy for you, but I'm glad you had the sense not to force the issue. You're right about folks who bite off more than they can chew - they eventually get hurt or get out. It's kind of a bummer that your choices are limited by your size, but all that counts is that there ARE bikes out there that fit you. Good move on your part staying with what fits and just kicking it up a few notches, as Emeril would say.

Ride safe.

Dimitri said...

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