Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Work and No Play...


Leads to a neglected blog


I have been suddenly busy with more homework than usual, which leads to neglected things to do around the house. Any spare time I get, I rest!! This last week I had a big project for my Interpersonal Relations college class. I'm enjoying college, but then I think how long it's going to take me just to get the associates I want and wonder "What am I doing?"

With my full-time job I can only take about two classes a semester. I can't knock my job, as it is defraying some of the cost of college. Plus, I'm just glad to have a job I like and have. The school district is losing lots of money soon since the bond they wanted got voted down and the current one runs out at the end of this school year. So myself and others are holding our breaths and hoping to have a job in the fall.

Some friends have asked why I'm not taking one of the colleges that gives courses online and at a faster rate. I find out how much these colleges charge and that's why. I'm going to the local community college.

I'm determined to do this. So, if I'm absent for a week or two it's because I got snowed under with school work and life (housework, family, job, ... etc.) and not the fluffy, cold white stuff we seem to be missing at the moment this winter, lol.

Wishing You a Great Day in Your Part of the World,

Biker Betty :)


Lucky said...

Ah yes... priorities! Good for you for going back to college, hope it works out.


Baron's Life said...

OK BikerBetty...welcome back...always nice to read what you have to say because it is always genuine and comes across well. Firstly congratulations on your perseverance with classes at the community college..that's always a very good thing and time will fly and before you know it you will graduate. so just keep on plugging.
Secondly, your current job, well I wish you and your friend all the best as we are going through rough times and any job is better than no job. So hang in there, do your best, have faith and it will all work out

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Life gets busy. I think we can all relate.

Hang in there girl! Good for you for going back to school!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Glad you're back on the air! We want to hear more biking adventures. I just blogged about our trip to the 2009 International Motorcycle Show in Greenville, SC. Might wanna check out all the cool bike pics we took! God bless. ♥ ∞

Jeff said...

It's cold here in Philly. Can't wait till spring, but I'm at least getting a lot of writing done!



sammawow said...

Glad to see you posted! Wow, you sound really busy. Good luck with your homework and I'll think good thoughts for your job in the fall!

sunsetblush said...

Hi Bikerbetty, I like biking but I am just afraid. You can be my inspiration :)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I have found that work, part-time college and family to take so much of my energy at times. I sure miss not being around and visiting you when I get snowed under.

Be sure I think of everyone and how you are doing, when I can't post. I will post as often as possible.

Take Care,
Biker Betty :)

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