Monday, June 04, 2007

Hit and Run Motorcycle Crash

Talk about an unusual motorcycle story. I was reading my local newspaper, when I stumbled upon this story title:

"A hit-and-run suspect in a motorcycle crash...."

Naturally, I'm thinking someone hit a motorcycle and caused a crash - WRONG.

Here's the story out of The Gazette in the Metro section:

Report: Hit-and-run suspect swam away

GRAND JUNCTION - A hit and-run suspect in a motorcycle crash that broke a 16-yearold boy’s leg was captured after apparently trying to swim away on the Colorado River, The Daily Sentinel reported.

The man eluded police for about three hours Saturday night before swimming to shore, naked, bloody and screaming, the newspaper reported.

About 5 p.m. Saturday, a man on a motorcycle was accused of rear-ending two teens on a bicycle.

So here's my question: "How did the man end up naked?!?" Weird story.

Be safe out there,

Biker Betty :)


Mike Werner said...

Maybe he was riding around naked anyway ?? Takes all sorts..

Pamela said...

some people like having the wind blowin in their hair -- and if there is a helmet law, well, maybe that was the other choice.

let us know if you hear any different.

Incog & Nito said...

Yes interesting!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Hi Biker Betty--just stopping in. That guy probably shed his clothes so he could swim better???

Did you see my post about what happened when we road our dirt bikes into a ghost town? You'll have to scroll back a couple of posts.

I also work at a school, and beginning the middle of June I'll be doing 4 weeks of summer school also. But I only have to drive 1.5 miles to school! Be careful out there!!

Dawn said...

ok that is a werid story.... the guy tried to swim away...and naked..huh?

hope you're having a great week!

KT Did said...

Jacket, Boots, Jeans, Shirt, Gloves, Helmet....hmmmmmmmm go figure that one out.... You have to keep us updated on that one!

Giest said...

Riding so fast his clothes blew off?

Anonymous said...

Maybe loosing his $300 leather jacket and $199 chaps is the reason he was screaming when he washed ashore :)

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha ..... some of the comments are so funny!

Yes, keep us updated. How did he nd up naked?

Biker Betty said...

I have to agree. I love all your comments and ideas, LOL.

I did go back and there was not much more information. They still aren't saying why he was naked in the end. I'm guessing the same as Sharon on this. It is hard to swim with clothes on.

Turns out he had a parole violation and he was going to be in big trouble when caught. After he hit the boys, he left his bike and ran away. To eventually end up in the drink (in more ways then one, lol).

Mustang said...

very interesting.. underwater dressing !?!

heh heh