Tuesday, January 02, 2007

~ Exercise For a Safer Motorcycle Ride ~

I have written this article for The Motorcycle Group.com. Just click on over there and read all about it. I haven't figured out how to insert pictures there yet, so the above picture is the cross trainer mentioned in the artcle.

As everyone is pondering their own New Year resolutions, so am I. Before 2007 started, I really hadn't put too much thought or energy into thinking of a list of things I want to accomplish this year. Some years I don't have a new year resolutions, then I won't feel let down or bad about myself when said plans fall apart..... To read the rest of this, click on the link above.

Below is my interpretation of Ugly Betty. When you read the article at The Motorcycle Group.com you will understand. Whoever thought that was a good name for a TV show has a warped sense of humor. I deeply object to desecration of my name sake!! lol. Please note that I am joking here and I enjoy watching the show.

When it first came out my family wasn't sure whether to laugh at the title or not. Whenever the commercials would come on they'd want to laugh, but give me those "not sure if I should - looks." Wondering if Mom/Wife would beat them to a pulp if they dared to laugh, lol. I have to admit, I was taken aback at first, but we all enjoy a hearty laugh over the show now. I've taken it all in the good natured spirit intended.

The show is actually pretty popular and here is an idea for a sequel show. Actually, there are a lot of possibilities with this new story line, lol. Hey, Producers!!! Over here!!! Remember, I thought of it!!!


Anonymous said...

i'll stick with my original new years resolution that i made ages ago...to never make another new years resolution again. longest one i've stuck to yet! ;)

i think you got a hit show on your hands there! i know i would tune in!

Anonymous said...

Betty the link didn't work for me.
I've never seen the show except for a flash here and there as I've walked through the den.
So what is the storyline of the show? Small girl in a big city setting kind of like Sabrina when she went to Paris in the movie Sabrina?

Biker Betty said...

Hi Giest, Yea - I like the no resolution the best, but thought I'd give it a try this year. Like I said in my article, I want to make it more a "life" plan/style then a resolution.

If they ever go with my Ugly Biker Betty idea, I'll be sure to let you know, lol.

Hi Sarch, Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it and it should work now.

She's an ordinary girl, with black glasses and braces,picked and hired by Dad to work as a secretary for a his playboy son at a high fashion magazine. She doesn't stoop to the back-biting level of others and holds to her integrety. And it's all about how she has to deal with the new enviroment and people of high fashion. I really like it and at first I didn't think I would. It was already strike one against the title, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm going out to ABC.com and look at the previous episodes so I'll know what the show is all about.

I like your interpretation..... no braces?

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,

To answer your question... my bike is in one of the pictures. There are two white XL 883s in one of the pics, the one in back with the forward controls is mine. I wish it was the red Night Train, but - you know... $$$.

I don't feature my bike because it's just a simple sporty - the rides, however - that's a different story!


Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela, Luck for me the helmet was covering my mouth. I actually was debating about drawing on my teeth or something, lol. Then I realized my mouth didn't show.

Hi Mike, I remember that pic. I know we all want to see pictures of your motorcycle. There is no such thing as a "simple sporty." My motorcycle isn't spectacular either, but I love it and it actually takes nice pictures. It's just a V-Star 650 custom. It's not one of those big bikes with all the flash and bling. Money is a big thing for me too, plus I'm too short for most of the bikes out there, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, I ride just another sporty too. My 13 yr old daughter and I went on a ride New Years day with a Harley Owners Group, and we were the only sporty in a group of Road Kings. But we held our head high and enjoyed the twisty trip. Post the pic, it's a bike, it's YOUR bike and you can be proud.

If ya get wanting to personalize it...well I'm beginning to plot out a 250mm rear tire conversion and a wide glide front end with 3 inches of stretch lol.

KT Did said...

I have seen Ugly Betty and its a cute show. You crack me up with the glasses here! On the Motorcycle group link just insert the code URL into the comment. I finally figured that one out.
upload on flicker and get the picture code there and insert it.
Hope that helps.

On North: inspection on the house was today.. we will see if its that house or another one yet to come. In any case, northern cal here I come.

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT, Thanks for the help. I will try that. Good luck on your house hunting. I hope it's a place you will enjoy. Hopefully it's near the mountains to ride your motorcycle. Make sure it doesn't have the "driveway from hell," LOL!!!