Thursday, November 02, 2006

MSR Motorcycle Scavanger Hunt Now Officially Over

As of midnight on October 31st the Mountain Shadow Riders' Scavanger Hunt is now over. It has been a wonderful six months of hunting out all the places listed. For anyone new to my blog, I had a list of over 350 items to hunt throughout the state of Colorado. Once found, I had to take a picture of the item with my motorcycle. To prove I was actually there. Many of you have been reading about this from myself and Christine, who is also in the MSR. Christine was the creator of the list and she did an outstanding job!!! Thank you Christine.

As the deadline suddenly loomed, I went into a panic. I realized there were some simple things that I never got, because they were so close. So Monday I set out to get as much as I could get in a few hours and before I had to be at my elementary math tutoring job. Out of the things I wanted to get I split the list into two. I planned on getting half of it on Monday and the rest on Tuesday (the day of the deadline). I did go for as many things as I could. They were in town, but some were 20 minutes from others. So I got the barber, Fed Ex & ducks.

Then I had to rush to work, of which I was a little late. I teach basic math to 3rd graders for one hour after school four days a week. They are a group of the best kids I have had the pleasure to work with. Then I went to pick up my youngest son and a friend of his, that I watch after school, from middle school. Because of their older age I am able to leave them (it is okay with the boy's parents) for a little time. So I hoped on my bike to head out to Dragon Arms Military Museum on Dragonman Dr.

As soon as I hit one of the main drags in town (Powers Blvd) the sun dips behind Pikes Peak, sigh. So I'm thinking to myself I should just turn around and call it a day. But another part of me is saying "go for it, I can make it in time and the scavanger hunt is almost over." It's a little ways out of town. As soon as I get on Hwy 94 the wind hits me with such force and boy is it cold. I observe that there is a lot more snow still out this way. I start to shiver a little, but tell myself that I'm warm. Besides, there's no place to pull off and turn around. The side of the road has lots of gravel from the Blizzard of 2006. I keep on going. After quite a few miles, I start to rethink this whole thing, but still no place to turn around. The wind is hitting me with such force as to force my bike into a tilt to keep upright and it's getting colder and dark. Still no place to turn around. I get to the point that I'm almost there and might as well keep going.

I finally get to my left turn and I'm quickly loosing feeling in my hands. I'm shivering, but not badly, and realizing that I needed to dress warmer. I didn't think it would get so cold, but I'm almost there. I go down the country road and the next thing I know I accidently drive past my next turn. No problem (I think) I will just find the next pullout and turn around. I end up going many miles and finally pull off the road at a ranch. Then I have to wait for all the cars to go by before I can turn around.

It's getting dark fast. Sunday we just put the clocks back one hour and I hadn't got used to the days getting dark sooner. After all, that was only yesterday. I finally get a chance to safely turn around. I come to my next turn, that I accidently drove past the first time, only to discover that it's a wet, dirt road with some snow still. The sign for where I want to go is right there. I'm thinking it's only about a mile at the most down the road, but it's almost dark and the road is not in the best of condition. I'm not sure of the condition of the road further down and it's obvious the place is closed. If I get stuck further down, no one is around to help. Sure, I have my cell phone, but it would be at least 45 minutes before help arrived. It's getting real cold by now. I would be a human popsicle if I get stuck. So I make the decision and I turn the bike around on the dirt road and park it next to the sign. I quickly take the pic and hope it will count.

I get back on my bike and head back to town. By now I'm feeling very, very cold and thinking of my warm house. I haven't been gone but 45 minutes, but with the sun down and it's dark, it feels like 2 hours. I think to myself to relax and it helps with not shivering. I had wanted to do at least one more scavanger hunt stop, but it's dark now.

I think to myself that I will just get it tomorrow. Until the sun set, it was a pretty warm day and I thought the next day would be the same. WRONG!!! I woke up to a very cold day. I had my husband wake me up early so we could get one item before we had to take our son to school. My husband woke me up and said it's too cold and suggested to let it go. I immediately wake up (please note that I'm not a morning person) to investigate the situation. It's 24 degrees Farenhiet outside and I'm having second thoughts. But I really wanted to get this particular picture. So I tell my husband that I want to do this. He really didn't care if I did or didn't, as he had the car to drive. His motorcycle is in the shop and has been for weeks, it's waiting for a part.

He's thinking I'm crazy, but we head out. We only have to go about two miles and getting there wasn't so bad. We take the shots and head home. By the time we get home I can't feel my hands. I'm still wearing my regular gloves, as the winter ones don't fit as well as I'd like. I finally drive into our driveway and park the bike. I can't wait to get in the house and warm up. Below is the shot that was worth getting up early and freezing for. One of the items was a "mattress store" and extra points for "rider wearing pajamas." This was one item I just couldn't let go by!! And as promised from a previous post, below is the pic.

Sorry guys, nothing spectacular or sexy there, lol. It's winter, after all!!! Sadly, the day never warmed up and I didn't get the last few pics I wanted. Plus, it was Halloween and I had things to do in the evening.

I now have the process of sorting my pictures and figuring out my points. I took at least one pic that doesn't count, as I thought I had to get the UPS truck & driver but it was Fed ex. I've got to turn it all in November 11th at our next MSR meeting. I've got around 1,600 points, but I have heard there's a few ladies with over 2,ooo. So I'm not winning, but who cares (okay, I do care alittle). I gave it my best and had a blast. It was very interesting getting to know more about Colorado and what's out there to see. I think we hear about the winner at our Christmas party. Sadly, that's the same night as my husband's office party, so I will have to call someone the next day (or read about it in Christine's Corner, lol).

Wishing You Many Adventures, Betty :)


DK said...

Hey Betty - Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you've had a fantastic Scavenger Hunt Adventure. You've got just enough time to rest up before Christine sends you out on another. Still biking here:) Still can't do road traffic, but I'm cool with that. My hubby bought me a ching-ching bell; I love it, it sounds so old fashioned as I pedal through the woods. Happy trails and have a fabulous weekend!

Dave said...

Hi Betty:

Here from Wendyland.

Nice to meet you.

Jen said...

the scavanger hunt sounds good fun
I didnt enjoy maths until i got to uni then I had an awesome maths teacher whom made it fun and I got it!!
its taking part that counts and sounds like u mostly had fun
here via Wendy's

Kat said...

Betty what a great ride that was! I certainly admire your determination, I love scavenger hunts, but lacking the competitive spirit, once I'm cold or hungry, I don't care who wins.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Dkraymer, The hunt has been a blast. I'm so glad all is working out so well with your bike. Congratulations on your bell. I remember those bells. You have a great weekend too.

Hi Dave, Nice to meet you too. Say hi to Wendy.

Hi Jen, Taking part is a biggy, but I also got to know some of my fellow riders more as we'd sometimes search together. It was great fun.

Hi Kat, I don't know if I would call it determination or stupidity at times. Depends who you talk to, lol.

Paul said...

Hi Betty! Like your blog .

eph2810 said...

Hehe - love the last picture in your PJ's in front of the mattress store..
Thank you for sharing your little adventure of hunting of photos...

Thank you for submitting this entry to the chick's carnival...

CyberCelt said...

Good job. I hope this is for a charity or something because you really went all out. I just have a scooter, but I carry a windbreaker, gloves and stocking hat in my storage container. If I lived in Colorado, I would add an emergency space blanket, a MRE and some water.

Here from the BC Carnival.

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Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me.

Wind blowing you sideways and you still hold on popcycle hands and all.


I'm living vicariously through you (:

Jennifer said...

Sounds really fun. My mom and step-dad have really enjoyed their bikes they've had over the last few years.

Anonymous said...

LOL....well, I've been the human motorcycle popsicle more than once...thank goodness for my heated handgrips!!!

I'm sure next year's ride contest will be just as fun--as we kick a few ideas around...I'd love to do another scavenger this was a blast!!

And, for what it is's determination *smile*...

Sabapaks said...

All I can say is "Oh MY LORD!" I was shivering just reading about your escapades! But they did sound like fun! (except for the cold part)

Hi Biker Betty! I just wanted to stop by again and say hello! I always enjoy reading about your posts. How do you make the time??

Well, I will stop by again.